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A letter

發表時間:2019年09月02日   作者:LUO

  Dear John

强奸视频  I'm Li Hua, president of HongXing Middle School Student Union. I have heard that you and your school need some Chinese traditional literature in order to offer students who have interest in Chinese culture. So I have prepared for them and I am willing to send to you.

  Among the books we have Chinese history books at first. China has a period of over 5000 years and its history has accumulated a lot. From my perspective, Chinese history plays an important role in Chinese literature. What is worth mention is the famous novels written by brilliant Chinese writers. Circulated from centuries, these novels become famous around the world. I believe that this book can help you and your schoolmates make a deep and good impression on Chinese traditional culture.

  We plan to post these books, so can you offer me your schools address and your phone number? I am looking forward to your reply,!

强奸视频  Best wishes

  Li Hua