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發表時間:2019年08月28日   作者:LUO

强奸视频  In order to improve students’ spoken Chinese and encourage them to learn more about Chinese poetry, We will have a Poetry Recitation Contest in our school. We sincerely welcome the students from international class to join in the contest.

  Our contest will be held in our school lecture hall from three P.M to five P.M on March 20th. The theme of our contest is Tang and Song Dynasty, so you should prepare poems which were written in Tang or Song Dynasty. Those who want to take part in the contest ,please sign up your name and other information, and send them to the student union. You can perform the recitation in a group or individually. The first 5 winners will be given surprising prizes!

  We hold the belief that you can learn a lot about traditional Chinese culture through this contact. Looking forward to your participation!

  Student Union