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My family

發表時間:2019年08月23日   作者:王星宇

  I am very happy because I have a lovely family.Let me introduce you to my family.

  First of all, I want to introduce my grandfather.He stooped and looked short.Grandpa always likes to wear a blue tunic.He likes to play with the children.His face always has a smile and looks so kind.

  Then let me introduce my father.My father is a busy worker.He goes out early every night, in order to let his family live a happy life.Dad looks tall and his skin is black.He always likes to read books with me, I love my father.

  Let me introduce my mother again.My mother is an ordinary woman, she is very kind.Mom always likes to help neighbors who have difficulties.But my mother is very fierce to me, and every time I make a mistake he will marry me.I know in my heart that my mother is scolding me for being good. she is guarding me like an angel.

强奸视频  Thank you for giving me such a lovely family for the first time.I will always be with my loved one.