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發表時間:2019年06月28日   作者:En

  Dear father and mother,

强奸视频  I’m glad to write to you.

  You are such kind and responsible parents that a love you so much. Due to your help,I’m going to finish my junior high school. I want to say thank you because I won’t become what I am now without your help and patience. I used to hate school,it’s you who keeps telling me the importantce of study and helps me get used to the school life in the end. Whenever I have trouble,you will show up in time and encourage me to solve problems by myself, which makes me become more independent than before.

强奸视频  No words can express my thankfulness and I promise I will work harder and try to be a useful person in the future. I hope you can be happy and healthy forever.


  Xie En




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