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發表時間:2017年01月08日   作者:ENDING

强奸视频  Good afternoon,everybody!

  I think most of us must have been nervous before or during an exam.

  Many people think that proper nervousness has its own advantages.For example,it can help athletes perform well in sports events.In the same way,nervousness can activate our mind and help us get good grades.

强奸视频  As a popular saying goes,every coin has two sides.Being too nervous can result in sleeplessness,which does harm to our health.What's more,it may make our brain upside down,which increases our mistakes in exams.Worst of all,we may be too nervous to write down any answers.

强奸视频  In my opinion,several methods can be used to slove the problem above.Firstly,we should study hard,which will make us more confident.Secondly,it is useful to breathe deeply before exams to calm down.

强奸视频  That's all,thank you for your listening.